How long do custom orders take?
Typically about 3 week turnaround

How do I get my finder sized?
If you are local I am happy to size your finger. If not I always recommend going to a local jeweler for most accurate sizing.

Do you do repairs?
No, unless it was something I had made that needed repair.

Do you resize rings?
If it is something that I made, in some cases I can go larger. I just depends on the situation.

Why do your prices vary so much and need my budget to have you make me a custom piece?
Prices range based on variables such as gemstone chosen, metals (gold or silver) and design. Metal prices change daily as well.

Gold is a lot more expensive than silver. A budget will give me the idea if I can make in all gold or not. I have a lot of potential customers taking my time on quotes for gold pieces but they don’t have the budget for it. So budget range is much appreciated.

Do you work with client gemstones?
No not at this time.