Care Instructions

First off thank you so much for trusting in me to make you something so meaningful and beautiful. Without you I couldn’t do what I love, so I thank you for that!

Your piece is handmade with lots of love and should be handled with care to improve the longevity for future generations.

Take these following precautions in caring for your one of a kind heirloom.

Try your best not to bang your stone into hard surfaces. The gemstones I use are very strong but could crack if hit just right. I’m sure this goes without saying but...just be careful.

Try not to swim, bathe, or shower in your jewelry. When certain gemstones are in water for prolonged amounts of time, water can get into the porous areas of the stone and possibly diminish it’s integrity and even change it’s color due to oxidation from the natural metals such as copper, aluminum or iron within the stone.

Try your best to avoid excessive heat and sun exposure.

Never use any jewelry solvent-cleaners, ultrasonic-steam cleaners, oils, sunscreens, lotions as these could damage the surface and possibly discolor your stone.

Avoid chemicals that can discolor the metal, such as chlorine or ammonia, especially silver pieces because silver is more prone to tarnish than gold.

Most importantly enjoy your new handmade piece of jewelry! You are wearing something veryspecial that should last a life time if you follow the above instructions!