My pride and joy.

Every once in a while you will see a post in my stories of our old 1965 Plymouth Fury III so I thought it would be cool to share the story behind the car.  First off my wife, Caroline comes from a family of 10 kids.  Out of the 10 six of them are brothers. Caroline’s Dad was a mechanic and all of her brothers were and are total Mopar guys. They all just love fast muscle cars! This car was originally my father-in-law’s in which he sold it to my brother In-law Eric.  Eric just had it sitting in his shop because he didn’t particularly like it very much.  He already had his classic purple Dodge Challenger that was his baby. When I first saw this car it was cream in color but I thought the lines of this car were  beautiful and I saw so much potential.  I was so stoked that he sold it to me for $3k with a rebuilt 400 big block engine built by Caroline’s Dad!!! The best part of this whole story is the bonding experience I got restoring this car with my brother in-laws Eric, Curt, Ryan, John and Rod! Now we’ve owned this car for over 13 years and it’s near and dear to my ❤️